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We LOVE our barnyard bums. The designs are super cute. The fit is good.

Lesley K.

We Love our Barnyard Bums diapers. They are my favorite out of all the brands we have. The designs are super cute, they are well made, soft and provide a great fit for my son!!

Michelle E.

I am so glad I stumbled upon Barnyard Bums! I love that you can vote on prints that aren’t sold elsewhere! The voting and ordering process is very simple! The fit of the diapers are great and the service is awesome!

Schaeffer N

We love how unique Barnyard Bums diapers are. They produce prints unlike any other group. Most groups center their designs around movies and TV shows. But here you get fun farm related scenes. Kids love animals.

Jessica B

We Love our Barnyard Bums so much they fit our boy so good and have gotten comments on how cute they are barnyard bum diapers are our go to diapers and the price couldn't be better

Audrey J.

We have 1 pocket here from Barnyard Bums and it is by far a superior quality to other pockets we have, and the prints are awesome in quality as well.

Brittany G.

Ordered my 1st Barnyard Bums this morning. So anxious to get them in and put them on our little man. I have seen nothing but great reviews. They are unique and love that you get to vote on the next style! Plus the price is super affordable.

Kristin T.

So glad I found barnyard bums not only is the customer service AMAZING but the diapers are so cute and fit great! And you can't beat the prices for inserts! I love how the prints are different one of a kind things my older one in diapers loves instead of buying prints for myself I get to buy things he wants to wear.. now if only you sold these prints I training pants so I could convince him to potty train

Cassandra R.

We absolutely adore Barnyard Bums diapers. The ordering process is a breeze, and you are kept in the loop the whole way along! The diapers themselves are great quality when it comes to print, fit, softness, and longevity. We started with "just one", and quickly fell in love, massively adding more Barnyard Bums diapers in our ever growing stash.

Crystal E.

I LOVE our Barnyard Bums diapers! We only have a few but they're some of my favorites in terms of fit and the prints are adorable. The prices are great and the quality is fantastic. I will definitely be adding more Barnyard Bums diapers to our stash

Cassie H.

We are thrilled to have found Barnyard Bums! We have found prints we can’t get anywhere else and the quality is AMAZING! I love they offer more than just diapers but inserts as well and as a parent of a heavy wetting 5 week old the pure bamboo inserts are amazing for absorbency and keep getting better with use! The communication with the company is unmatched as well!

Erin J.

I love barnyard bums. These diapers have become my favorite prints. I get so excited when I put them on my daughter. The prints are so vibrant! Great quality and great turn around time!

Alesia J.

Barnyard Bums is an amazing company! They have the best customer service I've ever had from any place. They have the cutest prints! We get endless compliments on them. The price and quality are great. Barnyard Bums has the most diapers in our stash!

Ashley B.

Fantastic...gorgeous prints ...highly recommend...great customer service as well

Amanda D.

We love love love barnyard bums. The prints are so beautiful and love the tractors especially! I love that they do an off topic once in a while

Stephanie W.

 Barnyard Bums are made great. They have cute farm prints which you can't find anywhere else. They are our favorites!

Amber S.

I'm so happy to have found Barnyard Bums! Someone posted about this group on another thread about the "Big Green Tractor" diaper and I just had to have it. It's been my son's favorite ever since! We've since ordered several others and have never been disappointed. The quality is great and the prints are amazing and can't be found elsewhere. ❤️

Doreen L.

My FIRST Barnyard Bum order arrived the other day, and I AM OBSESSED! Hippie chick is now my new favorite. A great quality cloth diaper, the prints are adorable, and super affordable! 
I ordered inserts before diapers, and I love them all. AMAZING prices! 
These are unique prints that you cannot find anywhere else! ♥️

Amber T.

After searching for over a month to find quality diapers with farm animal prints I finally found Barnyard Bums! They have amazing quality and customer service and adorable original prints.

Breanna S.

We love Barnyard Bums! And Amanda is absolutely amazing. As well as the designs(pockets and aios), wet bags and inserts her customer service is exceptional.💖

Alexandra A.

Barnyard bums is an amazing place to get diapers beautiful prints great quality and you can't beat the service I highly recommend them

Samantha R.

Barnyard bums is my favorite place to get diapers! The diapers are so cute and customer service can’t be beat. I love the quality and price of the diapers and inserts. Barnyard bums is the best!

Heathr Kane

Barnyard Bums was my first experience buying diapers online. To say it was a great experience is an understatement. Their customer service is amazing. I love the one of a kind prints and their inserts are the best product and deal i have found. I am a Canadian mommy that is proud to see the barnyard bum label on my daughter and show it off.

Jenn A.

I love barnyard bums. Great prints. Very helpful admin. Affordable prices.

Amanda F.

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