Diapers generally take 6-8 weeks in production once the order has closed. Updates on their progress will be posted in our Facebook group (link below). All files will be edited to adjust positioning, remove watermarks, etc., but no major changes will be made. Round 8 pockets are currently in production. Round 8 can be found at

Barnyard Bums Round 9 is now in production, but ordering is still open for fills! This order can be found at . Fourth of July prints can be found in this round!

Insert pre-order close dates will be announced once we get close to MOQ (minimum order quantity) or diapers are being prepared to ship. The current insert pre-order can be found at . Insert order 14 closes March 31st.

Please do not order Pre-Order diapers during the same purchase as in stock products. If you do, you will get an invoice for a shipping adjustment so your in stock items can be shipped. 


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